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Truffles & Hazelnuts

No region in Italy is as rich and flavourful when it comes to prized gourmet delights.  Fungi, particularly the sought-after white truffles, and hazelnuts thrive in the region’s fertile soil.  

Why the truffle is dubbed “the diamond of the kitchen”?

What’s unique about the Piedmont varieties and why they are so flavourful?

Why the red wines of Piedmont are rank one of the best wines in the world?

Diners from around the world travel to  Chef Carlo Zarri’s restaurant in Cortemilia just to experience his exquisite and unique cooking.

Chef & Destination

Why diners travel to a small town just to experience his cooking

How the terraces come alive with fascinating stories and ancient culture

Why Italian truffles are one of the world’s most expensive foods

Chef Carlo Zarri

Zarri, a gold medal contender when it comes to promoting and preserving the cuisine of Piedmont...
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